Whitewater IPA

Whitewater IPAD
Usually an apricot flavored beer is exactly like its fruit ingredients dried counterpart:  It tastes like what it produces.  It’s the masochistic beer snobs answer to bud mud.  Don’t believe me?  An experiment:  I’m thinking of a number.  Now take a sip of a Magic Hat No. 9.  What’s magic is that after that sip, you will know exactly what number I have in my head.  Still, not wanting to be close minded, I tried one of Samuel Adams latest offerings:  Whitewater IPA.  The idea of a belgian white ale mixed with an IPA is odd to a lot of people, but if you are an IPA drinker, have a Valeir Extra and you will know why I gave Jim Koch’s new brew a chance.  The beer did not disappoint.  It’s refreshing all the way through and while I started it because I felt I had to, once begun I didn’t want it to end.  Finally, its’ 5.8% ABV leaves you sitting comforted and satisfied.  I seem to be back where I started.  Only this time, it’s good.

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