Schneider-Weisse’s Aventinus Doppelbock

Schneider & Sohn's Aventinus

On Friday, my wife and I and a few friends went to Pizza Paradiso near the bottom of King St in Old Town, Alexandria, for happy hour. The place boasts 180 bottles from around the world and 14 continually rotating drafts. After having a New Belgium Snow Day, which was alright, I was hankering for a wheat beer. I asked the tatted up bartender if  he had any Franziskaner Hefe-weisse.  He looked around the huge glass fridge and said no. The burly, bald, bushy-bearded bartender then eyed me and said something along the lines of I think you’ll like this beer. He showed me a pint of Schneider-Weisse’s Aventinus Dobblebock, a double-brewed wheat beer with a nice 8.2% ABV. I said something along the lines of “Why?” And he said, “Because it’s like liquid crack.”

He wasn’t wrong. This is a great beer. The first sip is just frothy love. Aventinus is like the beautiful bastard born of Leffe and Guinness after they had a bit too much fun one drunken summer night: creamy and light. The price wasn’t too steep either: $8 for a pint of the most delicious imported beers I’ve ever swished around my rot. Drink this beer the first opportunity you have and make some beautiful mistakes yourself. It’s that good.

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