Pour? Yes please.

So this week our business and appetites led us to

Lancaster, PA.

With a name called “Pour” I only thought that the wine and beer selection would be good, but the food was too. Pour is located in Gallery Row, so I thought we were going to get more of a visual fill instead of the fill on food. With the food being gently priced we ordered alot. The crazy thing is there was only two of us. Here is what the table had and we ate it all:

We started with meat for appetizers and then went cheese.

Speck Alto Adige $3
Lightly smoked over beech wood and crusted with a family
spice blend
Val Venosta, Italy

Bresola $4
Cured beef tenderloin dusted with mild spices
Jersey City, NJ

Ewe’s Blue $4
(Pasteurized Sheep) Sheep’s milk blue cheese made in the Roquefort style Old Chatham, NY


Duck Fat Fries $5
Hand cut and fried in duck fat, roasted garlic aioli

Organic Ribeye Carpaccio $9
Caper vinaigrette, smoked salt, chili threads, chipotle aioli

Seared Wild Tuna $12
Panzanella salad; brioche, roasted pearl onions, heirloom
tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette, wasabi aioli

Local Short Ribs $26
Butternut squash puree, lyonnaise potatoes, broccoli, sweet soy
& brown sugar jus

Monkey Food $7
Fried banana, banana pão, caramel pudding, coconut custard,
dark chocolate ganache

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