Paradise Springs, Clifton VA

I always find it amusing when a group of people stand around at a wine tasting and use words to describe the complexity of wine.  Words like floral notes, orange, strawberry notes.  High notes, low notes, a splash of an autumn breeze and a child’s laughter.  I read an article from the Washington Post a few years back that did an experiment.  They blindfolded people and had them try all types of cheap and expensive wines.  Nobody could tell the difference.  It just goes to show you that it all depends on the persons own pallet.  If your choice is a bottle of Boone’s strawberry Hill, then so be it.  Just bring friends and have a good time.

Paradise Springs, accommodated our party of sixteen and did exceptionally.  Joey, our sommelier was very patient with us.  Being parents and having friends with kids, he was surprisingly very relaxed and focused on us having a good social time despite the chaos of kids running around.

If it matters, my favorite wine was the Petite Verdot, with the Meritage coming second..

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