Lighthouse Tofu, Annandale, VA

Best Pahjong EVER! Authentic  Hoof and Swine tofu (beef and pork)

I am half Korean and half white… a CaucASIAN.  (Clever huh?) So there I was having an internal battle within myself.  The white side was telling me I had forgotten the taste of Korean food and to go next door to Burger King.  The Korean side was telling me
this place was just like when I lived in Korea and it was the best I had since I left.  This has been troubling me for some time, so the second time I brought reinforcements: my mother. She’s as Korean as they come. Even better, she hails from below the 38th parallel (the good side), but she has lived in the U.S. longer than she has lived anywhere. Nevertheless, she still can’t drive well, and her accent still pronounces “B’s” as “V’s.”

She says the food is the best she has had.  So there you have it.  Go there.  And you MUST order the Pajong (Korean pancake) too.  56.00 dollars paid for a family of 4.
Lighthouse Tofu

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