Lavo, Las Vegas

It’s always hard for me to find the right words to describe food when it’s really good.  Most of the time it’s because my mouth is full.  I love coming to Las Vegas.  It’s loaded with celebrity chefs and fine dining.  My first stop was Lavo.  I have eaten here before with co-creator Matt Harwood. It’s places like this that inspire us to replicate what we ate.

I started with a Caesar salad.  When the plate was in front of me I could smell the fresh garlic and the parmesan that was baked into a flat crisp.  You may fine this strange, but it’s actually difficult to get a good Caesar salad.  I always wonder…how does a salad get messed up so often?  Either the lettuce is not fresh, or the water is not shaken from the romaine lettuce and then it dilutes the dressing.  Sometimes it lacks the garlic bite you expect.  And the worst: too many anchovies are added, which causes the salad to be salty and smell like Atlantic City.  Not a good combo, unless I were a seagull.

Next appetizer was the Kobe beef meatball.  It’s large enough to feed four.  I ordered my own.  I wasn’t sharing.  This was the day that I earned my reputation of how much I could actually eat.  It was disgusting to watch me devour a meatball the size of a mini meatloaf.  It was moist, full of flavor, and the sauce was plenty.

My main course was the Vodka Penne Pasta.  The pasta was done right. The sauce was rich, but not too thick either.  It had the perfect color that comes when tomato is mixed with cream.  It had just the right amount of texture from fresh herbs, just enough courseness enough in the sauce.  Every bite was perfect.

The only thing that went wrong with this place was my camera.  It failed to take pictures and I didn’t double check.

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