Green Egg, Roasted Chicken

The Green Egg, is the ultimate cooking experience.  The egg looks like a prehistoric dinosaur egg, or some sort of alien pod, that produces an amazing meal. The egg is a pure ceramic dome that mimics an old style of cooking that started over 3000 years ago. With modern technology the temperature can be controlled by two dampers, one on the top and one on bottom. The dampers move the heat from the fire and around the food evenly.  The result is a tender, smoked and very juicy outcome. In about 45 minutes I was rewarded with a chicken that spilled juices when it was carved. It was amazing and quickly became a family favorite. Even in the cold the temperature the Green Egg was VERY consistent which was only off by 2 degrees in the fall weather.

Prep time was 10 minutes.

Prep chicken:

Coat the whole chicken in olive oil and season with McCormick Chicken Seasoning then cook the chicken breast side up in an upright position.  (The stand can be purchased online here)

Insert the ConvEGGtor then an aluminum drop pan with a little water to catch the drippings. This can later be discarded or used as a gravy.. your choice.

Cook the chicken upright breast side facing the back of the Green Egg.

Roast the chicken at 350 degrees until skin is crisp and golden brown and the meat reaches an internal temp of 165.

Pull chicken off the grill then let it rest for about 5 minutes, carve then serve.

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