Black Sheep, Richmond, VA

Baa baa black sheep have you ever heard?  Yeah we didn’t either, but I’m glad we did.  The setup is a little unusual, but it seems to work well.  We had to wait behind the restaurant in an open patio that only served drinks.  Then the waiter would walk through the front door, then around the restaurant to tell us our seats were ready. Would suck if it’s raining.  The good part is that the back patio is a bar.  So just drink alot and don’t forget to settle your tab.  You cannot have them transferred over to the main bill.

They have a huge submarine sandwich called the battleship.  The thing is huge and looks good.  I didn’t know that this is their specialty. If I did I would have ordered one.  Overall the food was decent.  They had a choice for everyone.  Even vegans and vegetarians.  The atmosphere is worth noting also.  It was kid friendly, laid back and a very good staff.  I’ll be back, to sink that battleship.

The table ordered:
Huevo Ranchero, Gumbo Vegetable Soup, Cuban Sandwich, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, and I think the USS Congress.

Total was about 60.00

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