Join the bacon bandwagon

If I could put bacon in everything I would.  I know vegetarians that will weaken to the temptation of bacon.  Bacon is the gateway drug to carnivorism.   It’s the “crack” of meat.   When I was younger, bacon bits was the only reason I finished my salad.  Bacon is the only meat that acts like a ribbon that you can wrap food in to make it even better than it already is.  It also cooks well with red wine.  It’s served in chocolate.  Bacon is the only meat that compliments fruit in the morning.   My mouth is watering and I keep licking my lips and now they are chapped.  I bet bacon can fix that.  What?! You doubt me?  Bacon lip balm.  Oh. That is tasty.  Remember that bacon is the multipurpose of all meat.  Need I say more?

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